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A Visionary Leader in Public Relations: Elevating Industry Standards and Inspiring Change

With over two decades of leadership in public relations both in Indonesia and globally, my journey is marked by a commitment to elevating our industry.

Professional Credentials

As a certified BNSP assessor and Penguji Ujikom Pranata Humas at Kemenkominfo RI, I have critically shaped the standards for PR professionals in corporations, ministries, and agencies. I hold eight national certifications in public relations, media relations, and digital branding, showcasing my expertise across multiple facets of the industry. My entrepreneurial spirit has first led me to establish several prominent consultancy firms, driving forward the fields of digital branding and strategic communication. Following this, I founded Imogen Public Relations, co-founded Arise!, and founded Imajin PR & Research, setting benchmarks for excellence and innovation in these ventures.

National and International Influence

As the PR Head of Ikatan Alumni UI (ILUNI UI), I’ve significantly advanced alumni relations and elevated our university’s profile. My tenure as chairman of APPRI allowed me to build and lead a network of professionals dedicated to improving PR practices, thus enhancing the industry’s standards both nationally and internationally. Through my work with PROI Worldwide, the world’s largest network of independent PR agencies, I bring global best practices to our local market, enhancing our international connections.

Educational Impact

As a lecturer at Universitas Indonesia, I prepare the next generation of PR professionals, sharing insights and fostering skills. Additionally, my current role as Head of the PR Lab at Universitas Indonesia, Makaravox, focuses on applying innovative strategies within the academic PR landscape.

Vision and Call to Action

Recognized as a leading figure in Indonesian PR with numerous awards, my mission is to use strategic communication to inspire and mobilize for a better world. I am keen on opportunities and collaborations that align with my vision. Let’s connect and see how we can create significant change in PR and beyond, aiming for the grand vision of Indonesia in 2045.

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